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Applied conference and exhibition on innovative technologies for solving business problems

4 days
of intensive
3 200
16 — 19 November
Moscow, Skolkovo Technopark
официальный партнер
not just a large-scale conference, but a large educational hub on digital technologies for business, where people communicate, get inspired and find ready-made solutions for business
Tech Week is
Knowledge that is not on the Internet
Communication, which would have taken years
Inspirational business ideas
Contractors, partners and customers
4 days immersion
in the world of technology for business
All days
16 november
17 - 18 november
19 november

Epic Fail Evening
Closed club for technocrats, which meets twice a year

Spend an evening with speakers and VIP participants. 5 top managers and founders of large companies will talk about their biggest failures in business. Friendly atmosphere, insights in the field of world technology and new connections in an informal setting
Multi-format conference
not yet applied by your competitoуrs

Immerse yourself in the world of digital technology for business. Case studies and business challenges from progressive market players.
- more than 200 thematic reports
- workshops
- panel discussions
- answers on questions
17 - 18 NOVEMBER

Mentor living room
Get an individual 30-minute session with a case study from experts in the field of innovative technologies, whose time is expensive.

More than twenty expert practitioners will tear your business apart. They will help to find growth points and new useful contacts.
17 - 18 NOVEMBER
Technology Exhibition
More than 150 technology companies will provide solutions for business on one site

Exhibition of technological solutions, where you can:
meet the founders and managers of technology projects
find contractors and partners
study, compare and choose a solution for your company
17 - 18 NOVEMBER

Training Day
Applied classes in small groups

Workshops allow you to dive deep into the topic of digital technology and immediately draw up a roadmap for the introduction of technology in your company. Each workshop is 1.5 hours of diving in a small group. As a result of training, you will receive a certificate of professional development

Online platform
Video recordings of reports and presentations of the event in a convenient form

As a result of the conference, you will get access to the video recordings of all reports, which will allow you to plunge even deeper into the topic of the conference and, if necessary, return to materials after the conference.
Speakers about the conference
Founder and co-owner of QIWI

«The impressions are the most wonderful. Great location. A lot of air. A lot of young people. I enjoyed the session a lot.It will be useful to everyone who thinks about their fate, wants to start their own business. It is in the digital economy. After all, the future lies with her.»
Boris Kim
Founder and co-owner of ICRA

"It seems to me that it turned out to be a very balanced conference, at which there are a lot of interesting stands. A lot of interesting technologies, an audience and coolly presented content. "

Vasily Lebedev
thematic threads
about technologies for business in one place
experts and top managers of world companies
Co-founder of projects KupiVIP.ru, Carprice, CarFix, Aktivo.
Founder of the educational holding "Netologiya-group"
QIWI is the largest technology company of Russia with the international business; it is one of several Russian companies that have successfully completed IPO. The company's capitalization amounted to 58 billion rubles in 2018.
He is serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of more than 10 companies with capitalization of more than $5 billion, including leaders in their industries of KupiVIP, CarPrice, Aktivo and FactoryMarket.com. He is founder and partner of several investment funds and member of Board of Directors at Alfa Bank and chairman of Board of Trustees at the Rybakov Fund.
Today, Maxim Spiridonov actively continues to work on the development of one of the largest centers for online education in Russia. The "Netologiya Group" holding includes such projects as "Foxford", SmartLearning, Netologiya and Headhunter Academy.
CEO and Co-founder of QIWI Group
Operating Director of Delivery club
Founder and CEO of Roistat
"Mosigra" has more than 70 stores in 39 cities of Russia, Europe and the CIS countries, and its founder entered list young entrepreneurs by Forbes.

In addition, Dmitriy Kibalko owns Publishing House "Magellan", the event agency and dozens of franchisees with annual turnover of 600 million rubles.
In 2019, Mukhit Seydakhmetov was the CEO of Micro Capital Group holding, which includes "Delimobil" and "Anytime" car sharing, and "Delisamokat" kick sharing. In 2020, he moved to Delivery club as the chief operating officer and set the task of delivery speed increasing and logistics quality improving and user support systems.

Roistat is the end-to-end analytics system that combines data on advertising costs from any advertising sources with data from CRM system. In 2017 the company state was estimated at more than one billion rubles and it increased by 15-20% per month.
Co-founder of FC "Meteor"
CEO of eBay HiPo
Managing Director of Rambler & Co
Under direction of eBay is region of developing markets with high potential: China, Southeast Asia, Central and Latin America. The company does not disclose the turnover and revenue figures for Russia, merely noting that with lya's appearance, the export sales from Russia increased eight times and the number of sellers almost ten times in 2013-2019.
In 2014-2018 he worked as First Deputy General Director in the Rambler & Co group of companies. Since 2019 Maxim Tadevosyan has been the managing director of Rambler Group. He regulates the work of "Commerce" block, "Rambler.Kassa" service and "Media" block - Gazeta.ru, Lenta.ru, Afisha.ru, Championat.ru, Rambler.ru and LiveJournal.
Dmitriy Shushkin
CEO of ABBYY Russia
Jacob Paysahzon
Sales Director of myTarget, Mail.Ru Group
Andrey Revyashko
IT Director of Wildberries
Matvey Kardash
Development Director of AmoCRM
Dmitriy Selikhov
Head of marketplace business development AliExpress Russia
Andrey Baykov
Senior Digital Director at McDonald's
Roman Pavlichuk
Head of Digital Product Design Team, Tinkoff Bank
Anastasia Uskova
CEO, Roketbank
Petr Manin
Technical Director of Autodesk
Vladislav Shershulskiy
Director of Advanced Technology, Microsoft
Alexey Khokhlov
Product Development Manager of IBM iX
Illarion Yalovenko
Director of Financial Services TELE2
Evgeniy Gorshkov
Specialized Solutions Manager, HP Inc.
Denis Ananyev
Project Directors of "Digital Corporate Bank" Division, Sberbank
Konstantin Shadrin
Project Manager of "Digital Corporate Bank", Sberbank
Alexander Tolokolnikov
Head of Digital Interfaces Department, Tele2
Sergey Tabolin
Marketing Director of B2B at Rostelecom Business
Sergey Kononenko
Head of Business Technology Division, Risk Management and Financial Management, Raiffeisenbank Russia
Sergey Samorodov
Head of Sales Department, Viber
Alexander Surkov
IoT Architect, Yandex.Cloud
Stepan Slyusarev
Sales Director of TikTok
Sergey Kurson
Solutions Architect / AWS
Mikhail Konoplev
Central & Eastern Europe CEO of WeWork
Anna Drobakha
Marketing Director of Avito
Alexey Hakhunov
Founder of Dbrain
Igor Kirichenko
to more than 200 reports from the best experts in your field
to know more than 120 technological solutions at the exhibition
a booth and tell us about your company. Get quick feedback about your product
the workshops where you will get acquainted with the practical side of technology implementation as a team
ideas with speakers in an informal setting at Epic Fail Night
and share ideas with speakers and conference listeners. Over 2000 participants
Get an edge over your competitors
Event Reviews
At the conference you will meet:
Top management of large companies
Developers and inventors of new solutions and technologies
International and Russian startups
Business owners
Investment funds and private investors
Lawyers and marketers
More than 70 companies and projects at the exhibition
Find partners, contractors or buyers
Get to know
with the founders of technological projects
existing technologies
We select the most interesting reports from more than 1000 potential speakers
Conference participants are initially open for dialogue, which makes it much faster to make the necessary business contacts
Some participants find customers for years to come or form partnerships with large companies to create a new product
Get knowledge that is not on the Internet
Make business acquaintances, which would take years
Find a partner, customer or contractor
Get inspired by new ideas
See what ideas are already working not only in Russia, but around the world
Charge of advanced environment
2000 participants of the conference,
including top executives, entrepreneurs and investors interested in advanced technology
Why go?
3 200+ conference participants
press reviews
Facts in figures about our conferences over the past year:
How it was
We make events that are remembered by everyone
Take a step towards global technology right now
17 000 rub
price till 16 of August
29 000
26 000 rub
price till 16 of August
39 000
45 000 rub
price till 16 of August
90 000
Before the increase in value
Moscow, Skolkovo Technopark
26 - 29 May
3 days of events with reports of top experts, master classes and presentations of dozens of startup projects
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г. Москва


Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «Новые Технологии», именуемое в дальнейшем «Исполнитель», в лице Генерального директора Петряшёва Олега Владимировича, действующего на основании Устава, с одной стороны, предлагает заинтересованному лицу, именуемому в дальнейшем «Заказчик», а вместе именуемые «Стороны», заключить Договор - Оферту (далее Договор) о нижеследующем.

1.1 По настоящему договору Заказчик поручает, а Исполнитель принимает на себя обязанность провести конференцию по теме: «Tech Week».

1.2. Мероприятие проводится специалистами Исполнителя. Исполнитель в случае необходимости вправе привлекать для проведения мероприятия специалистов по своему выбору.

1.3. Дата и время конференции приведены на сайте организатора конференции.


2.1. Правовой основой регулирования отношений между Сторонами, возникших в силу заключения Договора - Оферты, являются следующие нормативные документы: Гражданский кодекс Российской Федерации.

2.2. В соответствии со статьёй 438 Гражданского кодекса Российской Федерации безусловным принятием (акцептом) условий Договора считается осуществление платежа в счет оплаты за информационно- консультационные услуги, предоставляемые Заказчиком.


3.1. Обязательства Заказчика:

3.1.1. Разместить на официальном сайте информацию о сроках и условиях участия в конференции;

3.1.2. Проводить обучение в рамках выбранных и оплаченных Заказчиком форматов участия в конференции.

3.2. Обязательства Заказчика:

3.2.1. Своевременно вносить плату за предоставляемые услуги в соответствии с разделом 5 настоящего Договора;

3.2.2. Заказчик не вправе предоставлять третьим лицам материалы, полученные в процессе обучения, включая интеллектуальную собственность, принадлежащую Исполнителю, а также копировать либо иным образом воспроизводить такие материалы;

3.2.3. Использовать адрес электронной почты (info@techweek.moscow) для решения вопросов, связанных с учебным процессом.


4.1. Заказчик имеет право:

4.1.1. Требовать от Исполнителя предоставления информации по вопросам организации и обеспечения надлежащего исполнения услуг, предусмотренных разделом 1 настоящего Договора;

4.1.2. Обращаться к сотрудникам Исполнителя по вопросам, касающимся процесса обучения;

4.2. Исполнитель имеет право: в одностороннем порядке расторгнуть настоящий Договор и прекратить обучение Заказчика в случае нарушения им своих обязательств по настоящему Договору, в том числе нарушения условий оплаты, предусмотренных Договором. Договор также может быть расторгнут при отчислении Заказчика по собственному желанию. Плата за обучение в этих случаях не возвращается.


5.1. Стоимость услуг публикуется на официальном сайте конференции.

5.2.1 Оплата услуг прои